Red Cross volunteer brings spunk and smiles

Bringing in blood donors

For 11 years, Dot Kittredge has been "serving her community" as an un-paid volunteer with the Charlotte Chapter of the American Red Cross.

"I just enjoy being with people and helping people, it makes you feel good." Dot said from behind the check-in desk at the Park Road Donor Center.

The 76-year-old woman says she truly believes in the mission of blood donation. That's why 3 times a week, she comes in several hours a day and helps check-in donors.

The recent winter storms in the Charlotte area canceled dozens of local blood drives, leaving a shortfall in donations. Dot is quick to point that out, and encourage others to help fill the void.

Dot is quick with a joke and sure to leave a smile planted on your face. To see her in action check out the video attached to this story.

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