Photocopied prescription lands man in jail

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Salisbury man was charged on Monday after police say he used a photocopy of a prescription that had already been filled in an attempt to get more drugs.

According to the police report, William Grayson Greene, 57, went into Salisbury Pharmacy on Monday morning with the copy of the prescription for the painkiller Oxycodone.  The prescription had been already on Sunday at a different drug store.

Police say a computer database used by pharmacists at all drug stores shows them if a particular prescription has already been filled, and that's what happened in this case.

Greene was arrested and charged with obtaining a prescription by forgery.  He was jailed under $1500 bond, but is now out of jail.

Captain Sheila Lingle of the Salisbury Police Department says that prescription drug abuse has become widespread in the last two years.  Lingle says in some cases the drugs are used by the person obtaining them, or they may sell the pills.

Lingle also pointed out that there have been a number of deaths throughout the county due to prescription drug overdoses.