Good News: Bringing his "A" game for a good cause

Basketball for a cause

At the beginning of the Hickory Grove Christian School basketball season, 10-year-old Whit Miller was not exactly the star player. That's a fact he readily admits, "I was really not that great at the beginning of the season," Whit said.

Good or not, Whit came up with a plan to earn money from his middle school games. A dollar for a rebound, 2 dollars for a score. Friends and family would sign up pledges. And that's the plan he pitched to his parents.

"We thought he wanted to collect money for himself, and we were like 'no you can't do that!" Whit's Mom Teri didn't know exactly what he was pitching.

Whit wasn't suggesting the money would go to line HIS pockets. Instead, he wanted to use it to buy toys for sick kids cooped up at Levine Children's Hospital.

"I want to change the community and how people look at basketball and how people look at me," Whit said.

More noble words don't often come from a 10-year-old, even less often, an effort as sincere.

The kid who started the season with a less-than-stellar performance, Finished with stats befitting the NBA.

"37 points, 43 rebounds, and 11 assists," Whit's season stats roll off his tongue.

Hard work on the court, and the huge heart in his chest, earned $1,120 to buy something even better to Whit, than basketball.

"Possibly seeing a huge smile come across their face, and to see them hug a teddy bear."

For Whit, that is the game winning point.

If you'd like more information on Whit's "Hoops for Hope" check out his Facebook page set up for the cause at!/groups/490795504374327/

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