WBTV Speak Out Editorial: College Athletes - Pay for Play

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: College Athletes - Pay for Play


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 If you're a sports fan in North Carolina, you've no doubt heard about the recent shenanigans going on in Chapel Hill:

ball players in trouble with the law…

professors creating "no show" classes with "automatic As" – primarily for athletes…

coaches and school administrators being let go or "allowed" to take early retirement.

Now sure, this kind of thing goes on at other colleges around the country, but we always held UNC to a higher standard.

And as you might guess, it all comes down to money.

Football and basketball players can bring in millions of dollars to a university.

In exchange, they have their tuitions paid for, which can total over a hundred grand each.

But as is often the case when it comes to money, everyone always wants a little more.

There's no easy solution.

But maybe it's time to admit that colleges are actually minor league systems for the NFL and NBA.

Let these "student-athletes" be treated as semi-professionals.

Get everything out on the table and away from underhanded boosters and agents.

Too radical you say?

Well, remember that athletes in the Olympics were once restricted to being "amateurs." The rules changed, professionals were let in, and somehow the Olympic games survived and thrived.

Maybe it's time to bring a little financial reality to the NCAA.

And consider paying the players who are making millions for the home team.

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