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Officials watch Uptown overcrowding from birdseye view

As the final games of the CIAA Tournament are winding down, police officers and fire officials are working overtime to contain the crowds and keep people safe in Uptown Charlotte Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon most of the clubs and bars at the EpiCentre hit capacity at the same time.

Entrances to the public space were closed until crowds started thinning out inside. All the while, Fire Marshal Rob Kinniburgh kept an eye on the action from a birdseye view.

"It's controlled chaos," said Kinniburgh. "We've got people positioned in strategic locations. We get a report of overcrowding we go check."

And checking is something Kinniburgh and his six fire marshal crews did often Saturday because of crowding.

"It's just to make sure people are having a good time as safely as they can," said Kinniburgh.

Thursday night Kinniburgh and his crews had to restrict access to two clubs Uptown.

The Fire Marshal says Friday wasn't too bad but Saturday would be the night that will test his crews the most.

"You stand in line like 30 minutes to an hour to get in," said a woman named Yolanda.

She described all the clubs being "really tight" to move around in even though she still had a great time.

Rachelle Glover, who has made it to every CIAA tournament since it's been in the Queen City, says even though there's a big police presence everyone is really enjoying themselves.

"Nobody is fussing, nobody is fighting," said Glover "We're just all out to have a good time."

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