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Silent approach helps police catch three in drug case

Everhardt Everhardt
McCullough McCullough
Birst Birst

There were no blue lights or sirens, no screeching tires, just a group of police officers quietly walking up the sidewalk on Lincolnton Road late Thursday night.

Their target, a group of people standing in the front yard of 719 Lincolnton Road.  By the time they realized that police were coming to call, it was too late to run.

According to a report at the Salisbury Police Department, the officers were responding to numerous complaints about drug activity taking place at that address.

When police approached a group of three, and when those three realized who was coming closer, they tried to throw away the drugs police say they were carrying.

Officers found one bag containing 14.3 grams of crack cocaine, and another bag containing 1.9 grams of crack.  Police also counted up and seized $990 in cash.

Marvin Joseph Everhardt, 52, was charged with drug possession and selling drugs within 300 feet of a school.

Darren Antonio McCullough, 24, was given the same charges.  Both were jailed under $50,000 bond.

Things got a little more interesting with the arrest of Rufus Linwood Burst, 61.

Police say that while they were talking with McCullough and Everhardt, they noticed Birst approaching from the rear of the property, and they say he had his hands in his pockets and refused commands to take them out.

An officer used a taser to subdue Birst.  When he was searched police say they discovered a pipe used for smoking crack in his pocket and they believe he had been trying to get to it to toss it away.

Birst was charged with resisting police and possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was jailed under a bond of $1000.


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