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Jurors hear closing arguments in Justin Hurd trial


Jurors Thursday heard closing arguments in the Justin Hurd trial. The lawyers in the triple murder, kidnapping and arson trial have been making their cases.

Justin Hurd is accused of killing Kevin Young, Kinshasa Wagstaff and Jasmine Hines and burning a home to cover it up.

The prosecution said this case is about DNA. The defense chose not to present any evidence so that they can speak before and after the prosecution's closing argument.  Thursday was the first time they could explain why Hurd's DNA was found at both crime scenes.

Defense lawyer Carl Grant said Hurd could have been friends with the victim Kevin Young placing him at the home for a Superbowl cookout with chicken on the grill and chicken parts found in trash bags with the Hurd DNA water bottles below.

"And the event leading to this case occurred after the cook out began," said Grant, "Clear him, Clear him. The water bottles had to be there before the trouble even started."

The defense said that relationship could also be the reason why Hurd's DNA was found on the steering wheel. But the prosecution gave its theory for how the DNA was placed on the steering wheel of the car found next to victim Jasmine Hines body.

"I can imagine killing three people burning the house, Mr. Hurd's hands were pretty sweaty at this point.  It's been 12 hours.  It's got to be hard work," said Assistant District Attorney Clayton Jones.

He said Hurd's hands were so sweaty he wiped away everyone else's DNA including victim Kinshasa Wagstaff and left only his.

Jones also addressed the defense's argument of the timing of the DNA. He told jurors to use their common sense and follow the timeline.  He said the jurors know when it happened. 

"You do not have blinders on.  You can compare it to all the other evidence, see if it's consistent," said Jones.

There were times Justin Hurd was shaking his head as the prosecution painted him as arrogant and as a drug cartel's hitman.

The second defense lawyer, Alan Bowman got up afterwards and said Jones is trying to pass his fertile imagination to the jury.

"Who said that? Who said that? Where did that come from?  Mr.  Jones.  Mr Jones has no evidence to give to you," said Bowman.

He said there are gaps in the prosecution's timeline and there is not enough evidence to convict Hurd.

The jury was listening to the lengthy arguments that took all day.  They aren't deliberating yet.  Judge Ervin will allow the defense to finish its second closing argument Friday.  After the defense wraps up, Ervin will instruct jurors on each of the charges and the law. 

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