OVERNIGHT: Woman killed in police chase

Hello. It's Christine Nelson checking in on this Thursday, February 27. WBTV News This Morning is live now. I hope you can join us! Here are a few stories we're covering when you tune in:

NEW: A traffic stop, that resulted in a chase, turned deadly for a female driver overnight. The scene ended in Hickory after the woman crashed into a construction site and was pronounced dead at the scene. What happened between the time she was stopped by police? WBTV's Kristen Hampton and Steve Ohnesorge have been gathering details overnight. We'll be live with new information and video from the scene.

HAPPENING TODAY: The Union County school redistricting controversy is top of mind for many parents. Especially tonight when one of two public hearing will be taking place. We have WBTV's Astrid Martinez live, looking ahead to tonight.

We're also talking about that crazy story of the nude photos of students circulating on Instagram. We're digging further and found out there is a local connection to this case. We'll explain on air.

EXCLUSIVE: We've been covering Kilah Davenport's story from the beginning when she was brutally beat to the point of suffering brain damage. With her stepfather on trial for the crime right now, Kilah's grandmother sat down exclusively with WBTV to talk about how the family is making it through difficult times.

And make sure you're giving our Brody O'Connell some love this morning. He's filling in for John Carter today and tomorrow! Plus, weather and traffic updates every 7 minutes!

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