Wilmington family says they'll move for medical marijuana

WILMINGTON, NC (WBTV) - A Wilmington family we first met in a greenhouse in Colorado says their little girl in need of a specific strain of medical marijuana is at the top of the list to get it.

The Morley family says they're leaving the Carolinas to move to Colorado in order to get "Charlotte's Web", an oral medicine not legal here.  It's made from the marijuana plant.  Most of the THC is taken out – the stuff that gets you high – which leaves it really high in CBD – the stuff that is therapeutic.

"We're going to give it to her one way or the other," says Dylan Morley. "Our daughter deserves a chance and everything we've done to date has failed. The doctors have told us you're basically at the end of the road of what is medically currently available to her."

Six-year-old Mia Morley has a form of epilepsy known as Intractable.  It's severe and, so far, treatment-resistant.  Mia has more seizures a day than doctors can count.

"She didn't sit up when normal babies sit up," says mom Kelly Morley.  "She was diagnosed on her first birthday."

Dylan and Kelly say uprooting their lives and support network in Wilmington to move out west is an expensive and scary venture.  A very tough decision for this young family with three children; Mia being the middle child.

But, they say, how can you NOT try what might end up being Mia's miracle?

"I can't imagine someone seeing some of the results some of these really sick children are having, and knowing the truth of what these families deal with, and possibly say this is a bad thing," says Dylan.  "It's not a bad thing."

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