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EXCLUSIVE: Kilah Davenport's family prepares for verdict

Moments after the jury left for the day on Wednesday, Kilah Davenport's family surrounded her as she left court. Before she went home, her grandmother Leslie broke the family's silence about the trial.

"I'm just glad it's coming to an end. The jury will make its decision, and we'll move on from there," Leslie Davenport said.

Joshua Houser is accused of beating Kilah, and throwing her into a wall in May 2012. He was her stepfather at the time, and he's been in jail ever since.

Davenport admits her granddaughter will never be the same.

"I see my precious little angel just working and healing and making strides every day. She does have a few setbacks every now and then," Davenport said.

Those setbacks include seizures and excruciating physical pain. Davenport says the courtroom commotion isn't helping Kilah.

"This is stressful for Kilah as well being here. Being in the same room with him, I'm sure that she senses his presence," she said.

Davenport says Kilah can communicate, even though it's not the same as before.

"Her reply for yes is she moves her mouth up and down and her reply for no is her eye moves side to side," Davenport said.

As soon as the jury returns a verdict, Davenport says the family will focus on passing Kilah's Law on a national level. The U.S. House already approved a bill in Kilah's name, but the legislation is stalled in the U.S. Senate. Once approved there, it will go to President Obama for a signature into law.

"Just look out. I'll let you know when we're headed that way because I think it's ridiculous it's gotten this far and we've worked this hard and now it's just sitting there," she said.

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