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Charlotte in a holding pattern when it comes to the CIAA

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The city of Charlotte is still waiting to see if it will be the host city to the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) basketball tournament next year.

Monday the CIAA Commissioner, Jacqie Carpenter, said the Request For Proposal (RFP) would be sent out in a few days. Wednesday she says the RFP will be sent out after the tournament ends.

"To put the bid out right now during the tournament," Carpenter said. "Doesn't do us any justice. We need to be able to respond to those cities that might have interest."

Charlotte's Mayor Patrick Cannon believes no news is good news.

"We look forward to continuing a good working relationship," Cannon said. "I would like to be optimistic and we will maintain the CIAA."

While the mayor is optimistic, he has been talking to some city leaders about their interest in hosting the CIAA. He also wanted to know if the CIAA has been courting those cities.

"It appears that where I thought there were knocks on doors," the mayor said. "There haven't been, but that doesn't mean there won't be, because again business decisions have to be made."

CIAA college presidents are speaking up. They are concerned not enough money is coming back to the schools.  One president spoke on condition of anonymity and thinks that Charlotte can do better. Presidents see how the CIAA pumps $47 million into the local economy and they don't get much in return.  The commissioner says those concerns will be addressed in the next RFP.

"Those are great questions," the commissioner said. "And that's part of building a package to understand what that should look like. How do we make sure our member schools and their fans can afford to be here." 

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