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Jurors will resume deliberations in Kilah Davenport trial Thursday


Joshua Houser took the stand and stuck to his story, by saying that Kilah Davenport's brain injuries came from a fall.

When Houser was asked by defense attorney Miles Helms if he accidentally caused injury to Kilah, his reply was "no sir."

Houser also recalled his interview with investigators at the family's home and again proclaimed his innocence.

All along the defense had portrayed Houser as a caring stepfather, who was credited by his attorney for riding in the ambulance with Kilah. Houser said on the stand. " I wouldn't leave my daughter alone for one second."

Jurors got two views of Kilah.

Prosecutors played a video of a vibrant child full of life who was riding a little four wheeler, but several feet away they also saw that same child sitting in her mother's lap groaning and whimpering.

Defense attorney Miles Helms brought a ladder into the court room and climbed to the top it and appeared to be falling backwards as a way of demonstrating how the girl may have been injured.

However, prosecutor Ann Reeves talked all of the dysfunction between Kirbi Davenport and Joshua Houser's marriage.

She compared their relationship to something you'd see on a Jerry Springer show.

At end of her presentation everyone sitting on the same row as Kilah was wiping their tears away.

After spending nearly and hour and 15 minutes behind closed doors, jurors were sent home for the day.

Their deliberations resume at 9:30 Thursday morning.

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