Battling browser hacking

How to stop browser hijacking

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We know our email and social media accounts can be hacked, but did you realize your web browser can be too? It is called, simply, "Browser Hacking". Cyber criminals quietly take over your browser and trick it into letting them download and install malicious software.

Now there's a new tool to fight it.

Browser hacking is happening so often that one Google executive calls it the websites number one user complaint. For Google Chrome, the company made a change to their software that can help you fight back the hackers. It's called the "reset browser settings" button. Below is WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton's advice for tackling the problem:

How does Browser hijacking happen?

1. These click-fraud methods are usually placed on the web by hackers to trick you into clicking on them

2. In order to fool you that nothing's wrong, instead of immediately downloading software, it instead modifies your web browser so that it will also ads or plug ins that can hijack your browser

3. You may introduce the hackers into your browser when you download screen savers or games - so only do downloads from reputable sites

How Chrome's new feature works:

1. If you are a Windows or Mac user and use the Chrome browser, if software or hackers change your browser settings, you will receive a warning from Chrome. If you get this message and you are not sure what to do, Chrome will also offer to take you back to the original Chrome settings.

2. If you find that you are being hijacked repeatedly, seek assistance from a technical professional to remove any hacker software that might be hijacking your browser

Web Resources:

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