WBTV Investigates: 5 most dangerous intersections in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV spent weeks looking through city transportation safety records, and spotted the intersections with the top five highest accident rates in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. We want to keep you in the know before you get behind the wheel.

Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) engineers calculate the top five by taking the number of crashes in a 3-year period divided by the number of vehicles that travel through in the same amount of time. Does one of your intersections fall on this list??

The small purple building in northwest part of Mecklenburg County is a landmark for many who live nearby. Mom's Treasures is a family owned furniture business, and it's known for sitting next to one of the most dangerous intersections in Mecklenburg County.

"We've seen numerous of wrecks with lots of injuries. Even death here in the intersection," said owner Terry Fisher.

Fisher has the pictures to prove it. Over the years, he's personally documented hundreds of crashes.  His business sits on the corner of four roads: Lawing, Miranda, Oakdale and Sunset.

"Cars slide on the breaks and come through our parking lot and just barely miss us as workers here," he said.

He's even escaped the path of a crash by just seconds.

"I was inside the truck and looked out and heard squealing of the tires. A car was rolling and had landed right beside my truck here," he said.

The intersection next to Mom's Treasures, ranks number four on the list of the top 5 most dangerous intersections in the county. . Fisher says the wide design confuses drivers, and they don't know when to yield.

Number five is where East 4th Street connects with North and South Kings Drive. Charlotte transportation officials say many drivers don't yield to pedestrians and don't pay attention to turn signals.

Number three is 99th Street at North College. Officials say drivers here are just aren't paying attention to pedestrians. Why? Because many times they are texting! 88th Street is number two and it sits just a block away.

Are you ready for what city officials say is number one? According to their records, it's in the northeast part of the county. The intersection at Cambridge Commons Drive and Harrisburg Road takes the top spot.

CDOT officials say the left hand turns out of a nearby strip mall parking lot caused countless wrecks.  Just recently, CDOT installed a new roundabout, and records show a decrease in accidents.

Back to where we started, Terry Fisher says he's spent years waiting for his intersection to be fixed, and he's quickly running out of patience.

"It seems like it'd be very easy to fix you know with a couple of speed bumps to slow them down on Oakdale Road," he said.

A spokeswoman for CDOT says told me the intersection next to Mom's Treasures is on the to-do list but speed bumps would not fix the problem.

Do you wonder if intersections you drive through have the attention of the CDOT?

You can check out city and state intersections right here in Mecklenburg County, by using the interactive map on this page.

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