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Parents upset CMS didn't notify them about bullet holes at elementary school


Some parents of students at Briarwood Elementary School say they're upset that school officials didn't inform them about bullet holes that were found in a mobile classroom.

Investigators suspect the shooting happened over the weekend.

WBTV has learned there are multiple bullet holes in one of the mobile classrooms.

Students were not in school.

A teacher who showed up for work Monday morning saw the bullet holes.

Taleesha Pauley's son has class in one of the mobile classrooms.

"They didn't send home a letter. They didn't call over the weekend or today - didn't say anything about it" said Pauley. "It's a concern whether it happened over the weekend or not that's something parents needs to know because it can happen during the week and we don't know it has a history of happening you know. That's ridiculous."

Ameerah Michael has three kids at Briarwood.

She said she troubled because there's "no information on it.  When I put my kids in their hands during the day I expect them to at least have some answers for me. Their safety is in their hands."

CMS said the kids who normally study in that portable classroom were relocated while police conducted an investigation.

A CMS spokeswoman told WBTV on Tuesday morning that a ConnectEd call did go out on Monday but was unsure of what time the call actually went out to parents.

School was dismissed at 3:45 p.m.

"So even if it happened during the weekend, there should be some kind of explanation on the safety" said Michael. "What are you going to do ahead of time? Has the police been up here - because that startles children so that worries me."

Michael said her son - a second grader has class in a mobile classroom.

"So that really worries me and they're so far away. The trailers are way back there so that is worrying" said Michael.

Parents said the unknown about the shooting is also scaring them.

"We don't know what was the issue over the weekend. We don't know if they just came to the neighborhood. We don't know if they rolled through - if they were fighting here. And if they can do it on the school campus - what makes them not want to come back and do it" said Michael. "Obviously there's no care for the children so whoever did it could come back and do it during school hours. Who knows?"

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