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Triple murder trial highlights jailhouse friendship

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Monday  started off in the Justin Hurd trial with jurors watching fire scene video shot by firefighters on Patricia Ryan Drive the night two bodies were found inside.

Prosecutors argue Hurd killed Kevin Ashley Young, his girlfriend, Kinshasa Wagstaff, and her niece, Jasmine Hines in 2008.

The bodies of Young, 33, and Wagstaff, 34, were found in the burned out remains of her home.  The body of Hines, 18, was found on the side of the road by a passer-by in Huntersville.

The fire scene video showed flames leaping from the home. Family members of the victims turned their heads and wiped away tears. Jurors seemed glued to the video.

The crime became known as one of Charlotte's most notorious and gruesome killings. It's also been one of the most mysterious.

The trial has produced testimony that links Hurd to the crime, prosecutors say by DNA. Monday, they produced a jailhouse witness who said Hurd confessed to the crime.

Jimmy Lee Williams, a convicted felon, told jurors that Hurd said the killings were "business" to settle a drug debt from drug dealers in New York.

Defense attorney Alan Bowman attacked Williams' credibility by bringing up his previous convictions for fraud and forgery.

CMPD said they also connected 20-year-old Nathaniel Sanders to the crime in 2009, but Sanders had already been murdered out-of-state in 2008.

Hurd was arrested in 2009 and extradited to Charlotte from Ohio.

Assistant District Attorneys Reed Hunt and Clayton Jones are prosecuting for the State.
Hurd is represented by a trio of attorneys from out-of-state. They include Alan Bowman, from Newark, NJ; Carl Grant, from Columbia, SC; and James McMillan, of New York City.

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