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City leaders to discuss noise barriers, broken seats at Belk Theatre

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Charlotte's City Council is slated to discuss several items on Monday night, including a proposal about sound barriers along interstate expansion and fixing broken seats at a city owned theatre.

For the past few months, state and city officials have held public meetings to get residents input on the proposal to put up noise barriers along the -277 and I-77 expansion projects.

The state says the barriers will help lower the noise around the area, but there's been an argument that the walls detract from the visual view of uptown.

City leaders plan to vote on a design and style of the walls on Monday night.

The North Carolina State Department of Transportation gets the final say on the project once the city submits the design plan.    

The council is also expected to vote on a proposed $820,000 budget for new seating at the Belk Theatre.

The current seats are original to the building, which was built in 1992. The agenda says so many seats are broken and it is hard to find parts to fix them.

If approved, the Belk would shut down for five months during installation.

The city owns Belk Theatre, but it is operated by the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

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