Firefighters battle blaze in Gaston Co. on Saturday

*Photos Courtesy of Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue*
*Photos Courtesy of Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue*

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - Firefighters say a brush fire broke out on Saturday just before 4:30 p.m. on 4600 Chapel Grove Road in Gastonia.

When firefighters arrived, they saw three-fourths of an acre of land and a 20 by 30 barn on fire according to Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue.

It took firefighters 45 minutes to get the fire under control.

Officials with Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue say nobody was injured.
Firefighters estimated 1.5 acres of land was burned and the barn was destroyed.
The fire was caused by a uncontrolled burn that a nearby resident was participating in, firefighters say.
Officials ask that residents adhere to the following guidelines while burning anything outside:

"NO OUTSIDE BURNING is recommended during fire weather conditions like today. The high winds and low humidity are a recipe for small fires to get out of hand and grow to full blown forest fire. Never leave a fire unattended for any reason,"

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