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First week of Justin Hurd trial wraps up


Picking up right where they left off Thursday, prosecutors opened Friday morning by calling two Crime Scene Investigators to the stand.

Angela Flanders, with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, described what she saw back in 2008, when she arrived at the home where the bodies of Kevin Ashley Young and Kinshasa Wagstaff were found.

"When I go there, there was a strong smell of gasoline inside the house," Flanders said.

Flanders explained to jurors that it was her job to photograph the body of Wagstaff.

"It (the body) was in the hallway just as you enter the front door. It was in the front hallway leading toward the back of residence, toward the kitchen," Flanders said.

The fourth and final witness called Friday was CMPD Crime Lab analyst Patricia Levins.

Levins said she ran tests to see if there was blood on the knife that prosecutors believe was used to slit Young's throat.

"I performed it (tests) on the blade. There were samples on the blade as well as a portion of the handle of the knife. Presumptive testing on both areas was positive for blood," Levins said.

Levins did not say whose blood it was.

The defense, meanwhile, insists Hurd had nothing to do with the brutal murders.

Earlier this week, Hurd's attorneys even revealed that an alibi witness for Hurd has recently come forward.

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