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Baby who died at daycare now a victim of identity theft


There's new heartache for the parents of a Charlotte infant who died at his daycare last summer. Logan Bryant's family found out someone stole his identity, just a few months after he died.

Bryant's death was ruled Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but his parents have always questioned the ruling. Now, T.J. Bryant says he has another mountain to climb.

Bryant says his nightmare just won't end, seven months after Logan died inside Chesterbrook Academy off Mallard Creek Road. Just a few weeks ago, Bryant sat down to do his family's taxes, but he didn't get too far.

"It said the reason it was rejected was because one of my dependents had already been claimed," he said.

Logan's social security number was compromised. His dad says a complete stranger tried to profit using the number.

"Just on a hunch I searched for his actual social security number and I came across the Google search results," he said. 

Logan's most personal identification information was there on the site, for anyone to see.

"My son's full name, his birth date, and the date he died. His social security number," Bryant said.

WBTV is concealing Logan's social security number, but we typed it in several search engines and were able to find out all kinds of information .

"Someone would take advantage of that. Get that information, and not consider how it affects families, grieving families that are already dealing with their loved ones passing," Bryant said.

After several calls to the IRS, Bryant was able to talk to a tax investigator who told him  whoever stole Logan's information will be audited, and could even face jail time..

If you're worried about this happening in your family, there is some good news. President Obama recently signed a law that will restrict access to the Social Security Death Master File. If you need access to a social security number for someone who died, expect heavier screening and you will have to pay a fine.

For more information about the new law, click here.

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