Credit union opens at Charlotte high school

Student-only credit union opens at West Mecklenburg High

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There is a new bank in town. Most of us can't make any deposits at this credit union, though. It is set up solely for students at West Mecklenburg High School.

This is the third time Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools have set up a credit union in a high school. Others at Harding University High School and Garinger High School have since closed.

This is a partnership between West Meck and Charlotte Metro Credit Union. The intent is to teach students an important lesson, early in their lives. Students can make deposits into savings accounts during their lunch periods.

"Financial literacy is something we're not educated on until after we've incurred so much debt. That is too late. We want students to know bring financially sound is not just getting a paycheck, cashing it, and buying the latest pair of Jordans. Saving your money is the most important thing you can do," said teacher Michele Willis who helped to set up the credit union.

There is more to this story, however. This bank is also run by students.

"I took the initiative to apply to work at the credit union because I want to be a business major in college," said student Jordan Rice.

He is now a branch manager at the West Meck credit union, making sure the applications are filled out properly and helping the student tellers with their work.

14 new accounts were set up when the credit union opened today.

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