WEATHER ALERT: Lightning, thunderstorms and heavy rain moving through

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ALERT: Lightning, thunderstorms and heavy rain woke me up this morning. I have a feeling the same happened for a lot of other people in the area. There are power outages in the area. The good news is things will be improving as the morning progresses. Until then you'll want to make sure you're watching Meteorologist Al Conklin's forecast every seven minutes so you don't miss any updates.

Residents in one county in the our area are wishing they can get their hands on some water right now. People waking up in Caldwell County have no water and are being asked to ration what they have. WBTV's Kristen Hampton tells us about an incident that happened overnight that's causing all these problems today.

Plus.. we have the latest developments out of the Ukraine. Tensions are still high from anti-government protests. We'll have the latest video and information on the air.

I have to go now. It's a busy morning already. See you on the air!