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Police investigating 3 home invasions less than 8 blocks apart

Fitting a brand new front door to his grandmother's home on Willowbrook Avenue in Rock Hill, a middle aged man takes a break to survey the old door. There's a shoe print where the door knob used to be. Giant wooden splinters are the only things left.

Around 5 a.m. Tuesday, this man got a call from his grandmother saying she'd just been robbed. Soon he realized she wasn't the only one giving a statement to police.

"I was panicked I thought she may have been beaten," said the woman's grandson who did not want to be identified. "She said I was going to do everything he said because I was scared he was going to kill me."  

After the front door came flying in, the man describes everything happening too quickly for the 81-year-old to comprehend. 

"He was already in front of her with a gun in her face demanding her to pay attention to what he said."

Cpt. Mark Bollinger, with the Rock Hill Police Department, said the man used the same line at each home "I don't want to hurt you, I just need to feed my children."

After the sun finally rose Tuesday morning, Rock Hill PD says the man robbed three homes over the course of six hours in an eight block radius. 

"We haven't had anything like this before," said Bollinger, who is talking about a series of home invasions in one night. 

"Why he picked these houses we don't know," said Bollinger. "There's no connection between the victims." ​

Because of that reason Rock Hill Police believe these crimes to be random which is more worrisome for the community.

"It puts me on edge," said Carol Mattuzzi, who lives next door to the first house robbed on Graham St. "My husband told me don't open the door for anybody. Don't open it.​"

And she won't, especially since she witnessed the response to the first home invasion. 

"I'm afraid to be alone now," said Mattuzzi.

Rock Hill Police say the main suspect the are looking for in a 6'1" white male weighing approximately 200 pounds. Victims say he was wearing all black, black gloves and a ski mask.

They are also looking for a second man who they believe helped the main suspect during the first home invasion Monday night. 

Starting Tuesday additional officers will be making rounds on these streets where these home invasions took place.

Police say the main suspect got away with nearly $300 and electronics from the three homes combined.

If you have any information that may lead to an arrest you are asked to call the Rock Hill police department.


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