Mobiles rejected

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

At 11:00 tonight, the Union County School Board rejected a $3 million deal to buy mobile classrooms and avoid a controversial school redistricting plan. What happens now? Reporter Brigida Mack was at tonight's meeting and says there's now friction within school board members over how to solve the problem.

A cook at Reid's Fine Foods gets fired after he spouts off to Governor McCrory. The cook admits he should have lost his job because of the poor customer relations. But he was surprised when he got a call from Mayor Patrick Cannon who is now trying to help the man get a new job.

If you didn't get your expected package delivered by UPS last week, you're not alone. Tonight, reporter David Sput talks to one man who is still waiting on life-saving medication he ordered for his cat. He says it's in the UPS parking lot, but they won't deliver.

Warmer today, but rainy tomorrow. Eric Thomas has your First Alert Forecast which includes temperatures in the 70's.

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