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Union Co parents say name calling over redistricting needs to stop


Union County Public school parents are not happy with the name calling that's happening as a result of the district's redistricting plan.

They claim school board member Kevin Stewart is not being nice to people who disagree with him over the controversial plan.

"He's called us trolls," Parent Kim Hillegas said. "Musings, Hammerheads, Ignorant, Cowardly, Haters, Political Grandstanders, No-Nothings, Losers, Cyber Stalkers. I can keep going on."

Hillegas found the name-calling on Stewart's Facebook account. The school board member was responding to comments and questions from parents.

Parents believe the name calling is a sign Stewart is ignoring them.

"It's a very hopeless feeling," Hillegas said. "It's very discouraging. He's telling us -you don't matter."

School Board member Marce Savage agrees with parents.

"The name calling has to stop period." Savage said.

Stewart wrote on his Facebook page he does not support mobile classrooms. The county offered the school district $3 million to buy mobiles to help ease overcrowding and delay the controversial redistricting plan.

That would allow the district to shuffle thousands of students to different schools. Stewart wrote his opinion will not change when it comes to mobiles.

Hillegas claims the school board member may have violated the district's code of ethics. It states board members are to make decisions only after discussion at public board meetings.

"They are supposed to keep an open mind." the parent said.

Savage is telling parents to ignore Stewart.

"He is a member of a nine member school board and he doesn't speak for me." Savage said.

Hillegas says she loves public schools, but this is getting too much. She has decided to take her child out of the Union County Public school system.

"I don't see this ending well." Hillegas said. "Either way - even if they back off redistricting. I am afraid my children will face retaliation in school."

Stewart has not responded to WBTV request for comment on this matter.

The school board is scheduled to make a decision about how to deal with overcrowding in April.

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