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Court records show murdered woman feared ex-boyfriend


There was a warning and a cry for help from a young mother who was one of three women murdered in a Concord mobile home park in mid February.  

Jessica Cox had three children with the suspect, Darryl Anderson, and WBTV has found court documents written by Cox that showed she feared for her life.

Less than a week later most of the snow is gone, and there's only a small piece of crime scene tape to show what occurred in the mobile home park southeast of Concord off Lower Rocky River Road.

It was there, investigators say, that Darryl Anderson murdered his former girlfriend Jessica Cox, Cox's mother Sharon, and family friend Sheila Sorrano.

Court records show a history of allegations of domestic abuse between Anderson and Jessica Cox.  

Such claims were made in Union County in 2008, and then, in November 2013, Jessica Cox said Anderson came to her home with a "bad attitude."

In an application for a domestic violence restraining order that was granted on December 4, Jessica Cox wrote: 

"Many past incidents...50 times a day harassing phone calls...uninvited eyes, busted lips."

"He owns weapons...I never know what he will do anymore."

"He was saying that he would beat my face and that it will take all police to get him off."

"When the defendant is abusing me the kids try to help and I don't them in the crossfire."

Those three children, who were not hurt, are now in the care of Jessica's sister Veronica.

"She lived for her kids, you know," Veronica Cox told WBTV.  "So I'm going to get her kids and take care of them, they're my family, all I have left now."

The court document was a protective order, meant to keep Anderson away from Cox's home and from the kid's schools.  It was to remain in effect through December 4 of this year.  

Darryl Anderson had a court date on February 18, on charges of trespassing and domestic assault.  

That case was continued until April 15.  He is also now charged with three counts of murder and is being held without bond.

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