Seared Red Snapper

Presented by Johnson & Wales' graduate Mike Bobb
Yield:  Two Servings
Prep and Cook Time:  One Hour

Recipe Ingredients

2- 6oz skin on scaled red snapper
½ cup cous cous
6 individual asparagus stalks
1 oz. arugula micro greens
1/2 granny smith apple
1 orange
1 lemon
1 carrot
½ yellow onion
3 stalks of celery
¾ fennel bulb
1 bell pepper
½ tbsp. whole black pepper corns
1 anise star
2 dry bay leaves
1 tbsp. dry tarragon
½ tbsp. whole cloves
½ tbsp. juniper berries
½ tbsp. pink pepper corn
1 cinnamon stick
4 cups shitake mushrooms
3 ½ oz. black tea extract

1 tbsp. granulated sugar
TT salt
2 oz. oil 1 cup butter

Recipe Preparation

1. Take one large sauce pot and place on stove
2. Peel and rough chop carrots, rough chop yellow onion, celery, fennel and bell pepper.
3. Cut orange, lemon and granny smith apple in half.
4. Place apple, orange, lemon carrots, yellow onion, celery, fennel. Pepper, black peppercorn , anise star, bay leaf, dry tarragon, whole cloves, juniper berry, pink peppercorn, cinnamon stick, shitake mushrooms, black tea extract and sugar in sauce pot.
5. Fill with water until all ingredients submerged.
6. Place colander on top of ingredients to weigh down.
7. Allow ingredients too steep for 45 mins.
8. Cut asparagus on a bias and blanch and shock, set aside and keep cool until ready to plate
9. Take cous cous and toast in small sauté pan. Once toasted add 1 cup of water. And cook until al dente.
10. Strain Broth trough a cheese cloth and Chinoise mousseline. Season TT with salt.
11. Large sauté pan on med-high heat and place oil in pan. Once oil is hot put seasoned red snapper skin side down. Cook both sides and baste with butter at end.
12. Heat asparagus in broth before plating.