New Details In Hit-And-Run Fatality

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This morning, new information about a story we first told you about yesterday morning.  A disabled man, crossing the street - killed in a hit and run.  Police have a new picture of a vehicle that may have been involved.  We're going to show you that picture.

We also have new information this morning about a deadly crash that happened on West Boulevard in Charlotte.

The North Carolina Zoo is reopening after last week's snowstorm kept the park closed for six days.  The zoo plans to open its gates at 9 AM this morning. Officials said while roads leading to the park in Asheboro have been opened for several days, it took longer to clear and melt the ice and snow from the zoo's more than 5 miles of walkways.

The weather continues to be a big story in other parts of the nation.  While we're going to get up into the mid 60s today with sunny's going to be different in the northeast.   Forecasters say the latest storm to hit today could leave up to 6 inches of snow in some areas, but it won't last long. The National Weather Service says snow in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut should fall until early this afternoon before heading to the Gulf of Maine. Temperatures will be above freezing and should move up to the 40s to mid-50s for the rest of the week.

Utilities across South Carolina are reporting about 23,000 customers are still without power nearly a week after that  crippling ice storm.

North Carolina's top environmental official says he briefed Gov. Pat McCrory about filing a lawsuit against Duke Energy that resulted in a proposed settlement fining the $50 billion corporation $99,000 to resolve violations for pollution leaching from two huge coal ash dumps. The state agency put its deal with Duke on hold following a massive Feb. 2 spill into the Dan River.

You're going to have to pay more to see a Carolina Panthers game when the new season opens.  Prices are going up between $2 and $21 per game.

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