Brigida's Blog: It's all about balance; Why I'm shunning the scale for now

Alright -- I've had it with the scale. So, I'm shunning it. That's right, I'm done weighing myself. At least for now.

The anxiety I feel on my weekly D-Days (also known as Friday mornings) when I weigh myself. You know, the heart pounding coupled with the feeling of dread that knots up my stomach and causes that little voice in the back of my mind to start shouting all kinds of negativity, I am DONE with it.

I'm no longer giving it any power over me. I'm taking it BACK. I am more than just a number on a scale. All of my awesome successes over the past year cannot merely be measured by whatever three digit number that evil little machine says. I mean, let's face it: your weight fluctuates. Daily. There's water weight, gaining lean muscle, whether you've, er, used the bathroom and of course, my monthly homegirl who turns me into hormonal, (sometimes) emotional, carb-hunting wreck!

So -- instead of the scale:

I will pay attention to how my clothes fit. Especially that pair of skinny jeans that I can now rock with a J-LO worthy strut!

I will focus on how strong and empowered when my boot camp instructor says 'drop and give me 20' push-ups (the real kind!) and I can actually DO them.

I will rejoice when my measurement update reveals I've lost yet another inch off my waist -- that's six inches total since last January in case you're wondering!!

I will give myself props every time I make a healthy choice over a crappy one. (I'm looking at you, Krispy Kreme with that blasted hot-n-now light on!)

I will remember it is a marathon, not a sprint. That it's a process, a lifestyle and I WILL get to my goal.

I will remind myself of just how far I have come every, single time I look at my latest before-and-after picture.

So take THAT scale. I'm done letting YOU run the show. I got this!

Editor's Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness plan.

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