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DOT crews repair potholes left by winter storm

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Snow and Ice may be gone for now, but the winter storm that caused headaches for folks in the Carolinas last week is still causing problems.

Crews in North and South Carolina were out, Monday, trying to get roads back to normal.

One of the biggest problems they face is potholes.

"I'm worried about my tires. I don't want to have to buy a brand new tire," said driver Sammy Sims.

Sims says potholes are popping up all over the Metrolina area after last week's winter storm that left roads covered in ice and snow.

When water gets into cracks in the road and freezes, it expands causing potholes.

Drivers in our area now fear for the worse.

"You can get into an accident. Try to swerve and hit another car. There's so much damage you can do," said driver Jennifer Ramsey.

"You can have a blowout from hitting a deep pothole. That's what bothers me," said driver Buster Elms.

Public Works crews in Rock Hill doing patch work to potholes in the city, Monday.

Mecklenburg County DOT officials told WBTV by phone they are out tackling some potholes also, but they first have to focus on cleaning their trucks they used in last week's storm, which are their day-to-day operations trucks.

"Well they need to be focusing on trying to get them fixed because a lot of people don't want their tires torn up," said Sims.

Another issue street crews will focus on is replacing road reflectors that were scattered by plow trucks.

The reflectors help drivers see the road when weather is bad. Just one more reason drivers want to see repair crews out before someone gets seriously hurt.

"Whatever it takes to get it fixed because we have to travel those roads and we don't want to mess our cars up," said Sims.

Officials told WBTV that drivers are the best eyes, if you see potholes or worse on the roads, they want you to call local or state street crews and make them aware of the situation.

Never assume they know where the problem is.

Safety officials say avoiding potholes is the best thing to do, but if that's not possible, you should reduce your speed safely and check the rearview mirror before any abrupt braking.


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