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Parent offers plan to deal with overcrowding in Union County schools


Union County commissioners got an earful at their regular meeting Monday night in Monroe.

Parent Michael Croal gave a 30 minute report about the controversial redistricting plans the Union County School board is thinking about.

The plans the school district is contemplating would affect about 6,000 students. Croal thinks there is no need to shuffle that many students to different schools.

"Blow up that plan," Croal said. "Come up with a new one that's more targeted. Come up with a long range plan using better population data."

The school district is trying to deal with overcrowding at schools and growth in the county.

Croal asked the county commissioners to hear his concerns and the commissioners agreed.

His report is called The Croal Dude report. It's a 150 page report that tackles issues that need to be addressed and not just symptoms of the issues. The parent believes the school district needs to readjust its priorities. He believes school officials need to worry about under achieving schools in the county first, then deal with overcrowding.

"Making schools better includes facilities," The parent said. "The programs that are there and also the amount of attention that's paid to those schools."

If redistricting is approved, Croal's two children would have to attend other schools. At first the father generated the report to keep his kids in place, but after doing research he says he wants to fight for students stuck in lower performing schools.

"That's the crisis," Croal said. "If we are looking at 20 to 30 years, we don't have enough money to cover for what that crisis is going to be - if we don't fix that today."

Some wonder what good is it to present before county commissioners. They can't control what the school district decides, but Croal believes his time won't be wasted.

"The county holds the purse strings," Croal said. "And the school board has to come and ask for money and maybe there is something around that as well that needs to done, but they have to work together."

The school district says it has received about a dozen recommendations from the community concerning redistricting. Leaders say they are reviewing them.

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