WWII love letters reunited w/ family in Charlotte

Letters Finally Delivered

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Veterans of Foreign Wars in Charlotte honored and reunited the family of the late Major Haas on Sunday morning.

Major Lamont Haas died during World War II in a plane collision.

He left behind his wife Betty Lou Haas and his daughter Linda Lou Haas.

Major Haas' suitcase filled with his personal belongings, including love letters he wrote to his wife, were never returned to his family.

In 2009, the suitcase was returned to Major Haas' brother who lives in Florida.

Major Haas' brother, Fred Haas, had lost contact with Betty Lou Haas.

Fred Haas was able to reconnect with Linda Lou Haas and her daughter who live right outside of Charlotte.

On Saturday Fred Haas and his wife traveled to Charlotte from Clearwater, FL, to return the love letters to Major Haas' daughter, Linda Lou Haas.

The exchange took place at The Plaza 10 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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