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Roofs vulnerable to snow and ice; check your attic and ceiling for drips


It used to be that when it snowed in the Carolinas - it usually left a dusting or an inch or two. This week, several inches of snow fell, and then cold temperatures moved in. It's not the kind of weather roofs are used to facing.

Workers at AAA Affordable Roofing & Construction said their phones rang non-stop Friday.

"A lot of branches falling, plumbing pipe collars leaking, stuff like that. Gutters falling off the house" said Jeff Gillespie.

Gillespie said the slow melt means water could be dripping in slowly.

"Leaks in the valleys, leaks around plumbing penetrators."

Teresa Moore is one of the Charlotte residents whose roof has some damage.

"We noticed a leak last night in one of my upstairs bathrooms" says Moore, who has lived in the house for seven years and never had a roof issue before. "I really wasn't  thinking about having problems with my roof with the snow coming in. You think about problems with roads and the schools. I didn't think about the roof."

Gillespie said it's too dangerous to climb up on the roof to clear away snow. 

He said homeowners should let the snow and ice melt but "go in the attic, take a look around see if anything is dripping. Pay special attention to the chimney, to the plumbing penetration - stuff of that nature."

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