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Chester county dealing with the winter storm


Chester County Sheriff's office kept busy during this winter storm. Major Randy Marsh and other deputies picked up nurses who couldn't drive to work because of the bad road conditions.

Marsh started his day around 4:30 Thursday morning.

"This morning it was rough," Marsh said. "Lots of ice and then it started snowing again."

Nurses say they were appreciative of the service because they had to get to work to take care of their patients.

"Thank God for them," Patricia Jordan, said. "Because they had to come out in this weather to get us and it's very important for us to get to our job."

While nurses got to their jobs safe and sound, some neighbors were stuck without power in their homes. Thursday afternoon, Duke reported nearly 3,000 people were without power in Chester County.

Kim Adams had to rescue her grandparents. They were without power. It went off around 1 Thursday morning.

"They were freezing," Adams said. "It was cold in their house. It was colder in their house than outside.

They were wrapped up in tons of blankets. So we had to fuss to get them out of there."

Customers say they were told their power should be back on by 9 Thursday night.

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