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Louisa residents report almost a foot of snow


The western part of our viewing area got hit hard by this storm with some people reporting accumulations of almost a foot. It seems the further west we drove, the worse conditions got.

At Broad Acres Farm, a snow day is bad news.

"I hate this kind of weather," owner Dave Pinter said "It's been pretty hectic. I got whole bunch of cattle to take care of."

It is a lot of work for Pinter both on and off the farm.

"Some of the cows had calves yesterday and there's ice so I've been chasing them all morning," he described.

There was a persistent mist coming down all day and the wind seemed to pick up.

"It's just tough," Pinter explained. "Everybody's out here trying to make a living."

But for Charles and Chaise Burruss, the significant accumulation is a way to make a living. They were plowing the parking lot of the Food Lion, which is one of the only businesses we could find open in Louisa.

Charles says this is one of the worst storms he's seen.

"A lot of ice, sleet, and the back roads haven't been pushed yet, they're real bad," he described.

But Mother Nature's wrath is just fine with 13-year-old Chaise.

"I'm just glad I'm out of school," he joked.

Angie Gerald, who we found shoveling her mother's driveway, also had a positive spin on the storm.

"We actually thought it was going to be worse," she told us.

But now, like many of her neighbors, her worries turn to the next round.

"If it's ice and our power goes off because the power goes off really quickly around here," she lamented.

The concern here is also that those side roads, which plows did not get to Thursday, will freeze over with this next band of the storm.

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