Round Two of winter weather wallops Rowan County

SALISBURY - A foot of snow in Rowan County?  That's not an official number,  but several folks living in the county say that's what they've seen from three straight days of snowfall.

The county got a good bit of snow, 4-5 inches by some estimations on Wednesday, but then on Thursday morning it started again and snowed very hard for several hours.

The fresh snowfall covered over roads that had been freshly scraped and once again made already dangerous driving conditions even more treacherous.

Duke Energy reported a little over 1600 power outages in Rowan County.

Emergency officials renewed their pleas for drivers to stay off of the roads.

The Salisbury Post reported that its newspaper carriers were having a difficult getting the paper into the yards and driveways of some subscribers, but assured folks that the carriers were giving it their best efforts.

The bad weather means students will miss school again on Friday, and there are likely to be many more cancellations.

On Thursday Salisbury and Rowan County offices were closed, as well as courts and many businesses.

Sidewalk Deli was one of the few places to be opened in downtown Salisbury, and business was brisk at lunchtime.

By late afternoon the sun was making an appearance, helping to push temperatures above freezing and begin a melting process that is likely to take a few days.