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Ice causes power outages throughout Lancaster Co.


Ice is starting to cause major damage to power lines in Lancaster County, leaving many residents in the dark.

Duke Energy crews were busy all morning clearing and replacing powers lines that snapped caused by fallen tree limbs.

County officials tell me more than 1,700 residents lost power between Wednesday night and noon on Thursday.

WBTV spoke with one resident who was left without power after a line snapped and landed in her front yard.

 "I was up watching TV and all of a sudden I just saw blue lights and all of it sudden it popped three times and then it just went. I said ol' Lord, the power done went out. It's been frustrating but thank God everyone is alright," said Beverly Brace.

Downed live wires are extremely dangerous and could be deadly.

Officials say if a power line is down in your yard, don't go anywhere near it and call your utility company.

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