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Snow avalanches off roof, damages WBTV vehicle

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Take this as a reminder, just because you are under a structure, you aren't always clear from the snow.

A WBTV photographer was at a convenience store in Belmont in an effort to talk with people about the winter weather that moved through the Carolinas over the past two days.

The Kangaroo Express along the 6400 block of Wilkinson Boulevard appears to be one of the few places in the area open, so we were hoping to hear from people who were coming to the store.

Photographer Mike Rode was parked under the awning of the gas station near the door, when the snow from the roof slid on top of his vehicle. 

The pressure from the snow crushed the windshield of the vehicle.

"I had just gotten off the phone with the assignment desk and was sending back pictures of the weather to the web department, when I heard a loud noise," Rode said after the incident. "I looked up and 'boom!' There was nothing I could do."

Rode was able to jump out of the vehicle and was not injured in the incident.

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