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Extra meals headed to those homebound during the snow


With a hearty knock and the words "Friendship Trays," Charles Jackson completes another successful delivery.

His assignment on this day comes when the driving can be tricky in North Charlotte's snowy Belmont community.

"I'm just so used to going and meeting wonderful people along the way," he said.

Preparation comes in a South Charlotte warehouse, hours before Jackson and other volunteers here hit the street.

Most days it's 500 meals headed to local homes and another 250 packed for area daycare centers.

However, this assembly line has turned into a life line with extra plates and non perishable foods to last through the end of the week.

Lucy Bush Carter oversees the operation for Friendship Trays.

"We call them snow packs," Bush Carter said. "We have packed them and sent them out twice this year, just so people will have them on hand. In case we can't deliver."

At age 100, Maggie Teasley is homebound, and her main meal on this snowy day comes from the good deeds of Charles Jackson.

Teasley is grateful.

She said, "it's brought to me. I look forward that it will be there for me."

Back on the street, Jackson stays on schedule.

"We've got two extra one's for tomorrow, because we won't be out tomorrow."

Daisy Mae Glenn calls this man a blessing, but food from his car is only one part of the joy she's feeling.

"I was a cancer survivor, and yesterday I got the news that I was cancer free," Glenn said.

Jackson has been doing it for five years, and on a day like this you can call him the sunshine man.

"I think it makes a difference just the daily contact with some people who just don't get contact."

Drivers from Friendship Trays expect to be back on the streets by Friday.

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