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Picturing the Roosevelt Arts District 5 years in the future

It's one of the most popular neighborhoods in downtown Phoenix, and now a community survey is painting a picture of what the Roosevelt District could look like five years in the future.

"As long as people are down here fighting for what they believe, and leaders are continuing to pave the way for what's possible, I think we will continue to have the downtown that we want," said Nicole Underwood,  the Director of Operations for Roosevelt Row. 

Underwood said her organization recently completed a community survey using a $150,000 grant awarded by ArtPlace American in 2012.

"With those funds we were able to conduct a survey with many stakeholders and artists asking the question: What do they want to see?" said Underwood.

Underwood said the consensus is that most want the area to remain an artists' enclave, but one with more affordable housing and local businesses.

"Typically what happens in these types of neighborhoods is they price themselves out of existence. (They price out the) people that make them cool in the first place. I would hate to see that happen here in Phoenix, because honestly there is not a next place for the artists to go to," said Wayne Rainey, the owner of the Monorchid multi-use space in the Roosevelt District. 

Rainey said it's important to keep the area affordable. He is worried that  if the area becomes too gentrified too quickly, many of the local artists that created the appeal will be forced out of the area.

"There is no (arts) place next for Phoenix. I mean a strip mall doesn't really work for the next walking arts district," he said.

The full details of the survey can be found here. Roosevelt Row will be holding an event to discuss the details of the survey on February 20. 

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