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More winter weeds exacerbating allergy issues


Despite the lack of rain, it seems the weeds are everywhere this season.

"Weed seed is inherently in all soils.  They don't need much soil to propagate in, so if you get warmer temperatures like we're enjoying right now, it begins that germination process," said Gary Hirsch of EnviroScape Services, LLC.

And germinate they have, regardless of whether you have a grass or xeriscaped yard.

"Life finds a way.  Every little nook and cranny, if there's soil, that seed is going to blow in and attach itself, and with warmer weather, germinate," added Hirsch.

For those with grass, planting a winter lawn actually helps keep weeds to a minimum.

"If you do not plant a winter lawn, there's nothing there to compete with the weeds that are in the soil," Hirsch said.

Besides being annoying and unsightly in your yard, Valley doctors are already seeing an increased number of allergy-related health issues.  Their advice is to try and get ahead of your allergies.

"I do recommend for people to start their allergy medication before it's a problem.  It may prevent them from having issues down the line," said Dr. Jamie Beckman with Scottsdale Healthcare.

Beckman also adds that if you have allergies to weeds, you may not want to be the one who pulls them from your yard.  And those with respiratory issues need to exercise additional caution.

"Allergies and asthma, they go hand in hand.  So people who have asthma, it's very, very important for them to control their allergies so that their asthma doesn't become a problem," said Beckman.

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