Student Shot at Local High School

Shooter Still on Loose in School shooting

Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom where we're following breaking news from Salisbury High School where a student athlete was shot about 3:00 this afternoon.  According to police a group from out-of-town came onto campus after classes let out.  An argument ensued and a JV athlete was shot in the stomach.  That student was taken to the hospital.  We are on the scene covering it live with the latest at 5:00pm.

Wintry Mix could drop up to 6 inches

Stores across the area running out of snow supplies!  People are certainly taking the forecast seriously and so are DOT crews across the Carolinas.  We have team coverage of a weather system that's been tricky to forecast. The latest models have our meteorologists with a pretty good handle on when it could arrive to the WBTV viewing area.  We could see a wintry mix by early afternoon Tuesday.  Tonight at 5:00pm we're talking with DOT crews who have already gotten busy on roads and bridges.  We are also asking school officials when we can expect them to make the call on classes.   Some closings already into our newsroom, you can find them here.

Feds to NC: Fix Food Stamps or Else!   There are just hours left for the state to remedy the food stamp backlog that has kept thousands of families from getting benefits. We've found out it could be a matter of a few cases that costs the state big money.  Could the state lose millions as a penalty?  We're digging deeper to find out if it will impact other services.

Seeing Red Saved Her Life!  I'm sure you noticed all the red people had on Friday on National Wear Red Day.  But does the American Heart Association's campaign make a difference, is it really saving lives?  I found one woman who says, absolutely! When she was feeling some tell-tale symptoms, she Google searched three words; red, women and heart!  She'll tell you it saved her life.  A very important story you and any woman in your life should see.  It could mean the difference between life and death.  It's in my Keeping You Healthy segment.

We'll help you get ready for this winter weather starting at 5:00pm! Hope you'll join us!