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Murfreesboro residents upset after trees removed for train track


Neighbors say work to expand a railroad is ruining their backyards in Murfreesboro, as hundreds, possibly more than 1,000 trees have been cut down without warning.

One resident said she came home from work one day to discover that an entire tree line behind her home was chopped down.

Now, the neighbors want CSX, to replant the trees.

Kathleen Young and her family have lived in their Murfreesboro neighborhood for 15 years. Last year, they heard CXS might be adding more track, but they never dreamed they'd be staring right at it.

"There were no flyers, no phone calls, no knock on the door, nothing that would tell us that it was actually going to happen," Young said.

CSX is adding a third track to the area that will be two miles long. It's being built to accommodate an upcoming expansion at the nearby Nissan plant.

Young and her neighbors say they aren't against progress, but they don't understand why it had to come to this.

"You know, they talk about being eco-friendly, saying they care about their neighbors and the community, but, I mean, there were probably 1,000 trees in that one stretch, and they're all gone," Young said.

A spokesperson for CSX said Friday they made no promises to replant in the area, but they did offer some hope to neighbors.

"We do our best to coordinate activities going on on our property," said CSX spokesperson Carla Groleau. "We want to be good neighbors. We appreciate those who live near us and our operations, and we'll get to the bottom of it and do the right thing."

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