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Snow in the forecast for next week, but what are the actual chances?

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Things are still on track for a winter weather event in the Carolinas by the middle of next week.

The first and most important thing to note is that we're still several days out, and it's difficult for us to pin down every detail several days in advance. 

Small differences in temperature can mean the difference between snow, sleet, freezing rain, or simply cold rain. 

Model #1: 

Has been consistently predicting a changeover to snow Tuesday, with sleet and freezing rain more likely Wednesday. 

Our latest data indicates very light snow could start falling as early as Tuesday morning and continue off and on throughout the day and into Tuesday night. 

Snowfall estimates are generally between 1-2 inches.

Late Tuesday night sleet would replace the snow followed by freezing rain.  At this moments, amounts don't appear heavy enough to cause mass power outages with a quarter inch of ice the current estimate. 

But anything above this amount would quickly become a significant problem.

Model #2: 

Moisture arrives overnight Tuesday, and we likely see a similar sequence from snow to sleet to freezing rain through Wednesday.  The amounts are much heavier with this model posing a greater risk of a damaging ice storm Wednesday.   

These are two much different solutions, and you can see for yourself we have much to learn before we can confidently issue any kind of accumulation forecast whether it be snow or ice.

We remain confident that a winter weather event will affect us next week, but it is way too early to focus on the details. 

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