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Parents upset at Fort Mill school board chairman

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Fort Mill parents left frustrated after a school board meeting Tuesday night. Many parents showed up wearing red to tell school board members they are against the Common Core Curriculum.

"It was odd," Parent Mary Beth Crumly said. "It was unexpected. It was rude as it went on."

The problem was some parents claim they didn't get a chance to speak their minds and was shut off by the school board chairman.

"Unfortunately," Crumly said. "When we got up to speak, we were met with some adversity. Our time seem to be dwindled away even though I appealed to them."

School Board chairman Patrick White denied that request. The school board only allows 15 minutes for public comment. Parents say they were confused by the rules when it came time for public comment. They argue the school board didn't explain the rules clearly and the misunderstanding turned ugly.

"It said nothing about how the clock was going to start when you are talking to them," the parent said. "When you think it's a one on one conversation, they are actually deducting time from your presentation."

Parents thought the board chairman would have gone easy on them.

"If you see someone is confused," Crumly said. "And not quite understanding something, you take a moment and you help that person out. You don't badger them and come after them with a belligerent type of attitude. He did nothing to help the case."

Fort Mill school district officials say this is how they run their meetings. And the school board chairman did nothing wrong.

"I think he did an excellent job," Fort Mill School District Media and Comm. Dir. Kelly McKinney said. "He did explain the length of time."

McKinney thinks the parents were wrong to try to hijack the meeting.

"I really believe that their voices were heard," McKinney said. "They were disappointed in the time allotment was given."

"I understand the letter of the law," Crumly said. "But there's something called the Spirit of the Law."

Parents say when it comes to fighting the Common Core Curriculum they will bypass their school board members and deal directly with state lawmakers. 

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