Woman describes terrifying knife attack in front of drug store

SALISBURY - A woman described a terrifying knife attack as a teenager attempted to steal her car while she was parked at a Salisbury drug store just after 11 am Thursday morning.

According to the police report, the woman had just pulled into a parking space at the Medicine Shoppe at 1357 W. Innes Street.

The woman told police that before she got out of the car, she was approached by a man with a large, 10-12 inch butcher knife.

The man tried to pull the driver's door open, but it was locked.  He began banging the knife on the window while continuing to jerk on the door handle. He then went to the passenger side and did the same thing after finding that door was also locked.

The woman hit the panic button on her key fob and screamed, causing the man to turn and run.

Police arrived within minutes, and while some officers went to the drug store, others fanned out in an area near the drug store, anticipating where the suspect may have gone.  That effort paid off when police spotted the man with two others near Hall's Gym.

According to the report, the woman had given a thorough description of the suspect, and that description matched Ronald Roberts Wells, 17, of Grant Street in E. Spencer.  Police say Wells is a student at Salisbury High and was skipping class on Thursday.

Wells was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and jailed under $35,000 bond.

The two other men who were with Wells at the time of his arrest were not charged.

Captain Sheila Lingle of the Salisbury Police Department praised the woman for her quick actions, and for keeping her doors locked.

"Because the doors were locked he wasn't able to get her out to steal the vehicle, or worse," Lingle said on Friday.  "When you're getting out of your vehicle be aware of what's around you."