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New device assists in tracking loved ones


Few things are as painful as learning your loved one has walked away from a senior home or your young child got lost on the way home from school.

But there is a simple new device that can ease these fears. Every second counts when a child goes missing.

That's why some people are turning to a unique tracking device. It can help locate a loved one with pinpoint accuracy.

The device is called Project Lifesaver. You wear it like a bracelet. They're using it for alzheimers and dementia patients, as well as autistic children.

The bracelet transmits a signal every second. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Richard Harnois, the Midland County jail administrator and project lifesaver expert gets word that a person is missing.

He puts my bracelet code in a receiver and sets off to find the missing person.

As he gets closer, the signal gets stronger.

"It really helps us locate someone sooner than later because time is of the essence," says Harnois.

This is just one device that's available to help locate a missing person.

The director of Midland County 911 tells TV5, Project Lifesaver is a great tool to find people who don't usually carry a cell phone, like seniors and children.

Now for someone who keeps a cell phone on them, officials can track their signal.

It's called cell phone triangulation.

If a child that is lost or a lost hunter in the woods, the program can work with the cell phone provider, find longitude and latitude close to where it pings and work with responders to locate them.

There are even apps you can get on your cell phone that can help law enforcement find a missing loved one.

Still, with all of the high tech gadgets available, nothing should replace parents teaching their kids how to call 911.

If you want to learn more about the Project Lifesaver program, contact the Arc of Midland.

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