Snow, sleet, ice?

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

Snow, sleet, ice? Eric Thomas is peering around the weekend corner and seeing another brush of nasty winter next week. He's combing through the weather models to see if they agree. The latest information at 11:00.

Sheriff's Deputies are on active patrol tonight, looking for a man who tried to abduct a 12-year old girl. she's safe after running away screaming. Reporter Steve Ohnesorge will give us details of the story.

Tonight, David Spunt is talking with a disabled man and his wife who were targets of a thief at a local Walmart. Police caught the man they say swiped $300 off the counter, then knocked his victim down while trying to run away.

I bet you've never heard of stealing gasoline without using a siphon or just driving off from the pump. But tonight on my weekly Crime Stoppers report, I'll show you exclusive pictures of crooks who stole 512 gallons from a Kangaroo station. How did they do it? They found a way to trick the pump so that the clerk inside doesn't catch on.

Tonight - WBTV Investigates the Coal Ash Spill that is still on going on the Dan River. Thousands of tons of ash are turning the once pristine waters into toxic sludge. Just tonight an environmental group revealed it detected dangerous levels of poisonous arsenic in the water where this spill is happening.

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