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Parents still uncertain about Union Co redistricting plan


Union County parents and leaders are still searching for a solution to school overcrowding that doesn't destroy the school boundary lines across the district. The redistricting plans have people in an uproar.

At an Indian Trail Town Council meeting Wednesday night, parents did not mince words.

Terez Biancardi says she moved to the area from Missouri because of the schools. She, and about fifty other parents, voiced a laundry list of concerns to the Indian Trail council members about the plans.

"I'm a former teacher. It's not healthy for our children," Biancardi said.

The Town Council, which has no authority when it comes to the redistricting, passed a resolution they say takes an official stance against the idea of redistricting.

At a Board of Education meeting Tuesday, redistricting was taken off the agenda, stunning parents who packed the auditorium to talk about the problem.

The Union County Commissioners changed the conversation about redistricting on Monday when it offered $3 million to the school district to build mobile classrooms. Not everyone loves that solution.

Kevin Stewart, a Union County Board of Education member, wrote "no thanks" to the mobile classrooms in a statement on Facebook.

Parents are wondering how the whole board feels. Hundreds of parents packed Marvin High School Tuesday night.  Many of them are opposed to the proposed redistricting plan, which would move about 5,800 students out of their current schools. 

Many wanted to hear what the board thinks now that the commissioners offered money for mobile classrooms.  But no one heard from the board.

"Was I disappointed?  Yeah, I'm disappointed. We're here for that item number 12 on the agenda and the open item discussion," said parent Kelly Cressom after the board pulled the topic. 

"We were not prepared to talk about that in front of those 800 folks," said Richard Yercheck, the Union County Board of Education Chairman.

Yercheck said they received the information from the board of commissioners only a couple of hours before the meeting.  He said the board needs time to figure out if they'll take the money and how the mobile classrooms would change the proposed redistricting maps.

"I'm not in the position of saying yes or no," said Yercheck, "My inclination is when somebody offers you money, you take it."

As for his take on Stewart's comments out there on Facebook, "He has a very distinct opinion about that and when it comes down to 9 votes being taken you pretty much know where his is going to be."

He said the rest of the board needs some time. "We'll drill into it. And we'll see how we have the highest and best use of that money," he said. "And we'll see how we do that with the least impact to kids."

Yercheck said the board hasn't scheduled a work session yet, but it will for sometime in the next two weeks.  And they will make a final decision by April, that won't change.  He said board members did not plan to go to Wednesday night's meeting in Indian Trail.

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