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Victim's family upset by Jamie Casino Super Bowl ad


The family of a second victim involved in the murder featured in Savannah lawyer Jamie Casino's two-minute Super Bowl ad is weathering unwelcome attention.

The commercial recounts the Labor Day 2012 shooting that took the life of Casino's brother, 30-year-old Michael Biancasino, and Emily Pickels, a 21-year-old Savannah tour guide.

Emily Pickels' mother, Janet, posted to her daughter's memorial Facebook page Tuesday morning. She and her family learned of the commercial when it aired.

"We never wanted our daughter to be thrust into the public eye and especially in the manner of a footnoted 'and friend' with no notice to us," she wrote. "We were not privy to any of this until the public was faced with this commercial during the Super Bowl. It has been very upsetting and thrown us back into a stressful spiral of grief and mourning for our 21-year-old daughter, Emily."

Biancasino and Pickels dated in the past. She was in the passenger seat when the two were gunned down inside a white Buick on Henry Street Aug. 1, 2012.

Police say one of the men responsible for the shooting, Sidney Grant, was himself shot to death over St. Patrick's Day weekend 2013.

A second man, Walter Terry Moon, was indicted last month on two counts of murder in connection with the shooting.

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